You Are You

"Waiting," Camp You Are You, 2011

“Waiting,” Camp You Are You, 2011

We’d like to tell you about a new project celebrating gender-nonconforming kids that we are supporting, and we hope you will support it, too.
You Are You, a photobook about gender unique children by photographer Lindsay Morris, will be coming out in October from fine art press Kehrer Verlag. The book documents a summer camp for gender-nonconforming children and families attended each year by many of our friends–a groundbreaking, heart-opening place where these kids get to truly be themselves, as they so often don’t in their daily lives. For the past six years, Lindsay has been attending the camp and documenting what she so aptly calls “the story of the first generation of children allowed to lead an openly LGBT childhood.”
We’d love to see our readers support this project–by contributing on Kickstarter, posting on Facebook, tweeting, and just talking it up wherever you go online or in the world. The Kickstarter campaign will be up until May 14, and we hope you will consider a contribution.
-Sarah & Ian
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Pink Boys in the NY Times

This Sunday’s New York Times magazine will hold an excellent article by Ruth Padawer about pink boys, which you can read today on the Times website. I spoke with Ruth many times over the last year as she researched this story, which turned out to be a thoughtful, insightful, and comprehensive story about parents raising sons who defy gender norms. (Interestingly, her editor decided that Ruth shouldn’t feature Sam because he, no longer being a dress-wearer, was not enough of a pink boy! It’s true…he’s more of a vibrant purple these days.) The article is beautifully illustrated by Lindsay Morris’s evocative photos of young boys in feminine dress. I encourage you to read it and add your voice to the comments at the end. Many thanks to Ruth Padawer for this fine piece of journalism, as well as her generosity of spirit and open heart.