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Keith Ablow: Until You Have a Gender-Nonconforming Child, Stop Condemning Those Who Do

The Huffington PostSarah Hoffman challenges CNN’s Keith Ablow to walk a mile in the shoes of parents of gender non-conforming kids

My Son, the Pink Boy

SalonMoms ask if my “feminine” son is gay. Strangers tell me I’m being too permissive. Here’s what they don’t understand.

Let Them Be

sfgate-logoWhat’s the proper parental response when faced with a kid who’s gender variant?

The Pink Dress

cookie-logoYoung Sam demands to wear a dress to school, forcing his parents to make a decision: protect him from ridicule or cultivate his self-expression?


A Rock and a Hard Place

KQED Radio NPRSarah Hoffman’s young son’s preference for dresses, long hair and tiaras makes for some very difficult parenting choices.