You Are You

"Waiting," Camp You Are You, 2011

“Waiting,” Camp You Are You, 2011

We’d like to tell you about a new project celebrating gender-nonconforming kids that we are supporting, and we hope you will support it, too.
You Are You, a photobook about gender unique children by photographer Lindsay Morris, will be coming out in October from fine art press Kehrer Verlag. The book documents a summer camp for gender-nonconforming children and families attended each year by many of our friends–a groundbreaking, heart-opening place where these kids get to truly be themselves, as they so often don’t in their daily lives. For the past six years, Lindsay has been attending the camp and documenting what she so aptly calls “the story of the first generation of children allowed to lead an openly LGBT childhood.”
We’d love to see our readers support this project–by contributing on Kickstarter, posting on Facebook, tweeting, and just talking it up wherever you go online or in the world. The Kickstarter campaign will be up until May 14, and we hope you will consider a contribution.
-Sarah & Ian
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Check Out Our New Website!

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We are delighted to announce that our newly revamped website is live! sarahhoffmanwriter is now sarahandianhoffman and gives you info about things like Jacob’s New Dress and our public appearances. We have pages full of resources for parents of gender non-conforming kids and a recommended book list  for all ages, from toddler to adult. The website is a work in progress and we’d love for you to take a look at it and to tell us what you think!

-Sarah & Ian


The Times They Are A-Changin’

Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 11.48.13 AMSo heeeeeeeeeeere’s the big exciting news for today.

My Sarah Hoffman website is imminently going to become a Sarah & Ian Hoffman website, shared with my delightful co-author and hubby Ian, with a brand new name and look. There you will be able to read our blog (yes Ian’ll at least sometimes be my co-blogger), find out where we’ll be appearing to read/discuss Jacob’s New Dress, buy the book, read my other writing, and oh-so-much more. The changeover should be happening tonight, if all goes according to plan (though really? when does that ever happen?), and as soon as that does happen I’ll send you the new web address so you can check out the site and tell us all about what you love and hate about it.

As you know, with change sometimes comes growing pains. Our web mistress has warned that if you are subscribes to my posts you may get some old blog posts re-emailed to you once the switch occurs (but this would be a one-time thing, an uncontrollable Feedburner glitcheroo). Please try to consider this an opportunity to re-read the posts and go to the website to comment on them. Or, you know, just delete the pesky emails. Apologies for any challenges this poses to your inbox management.

Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 11.52.00 AMAnd, in other news, Sam has black fingernails today with tiny skulls painted on them, the artwork executed by our talented babysitter-cum-manicurist. On a formerly-long-haired-and-dress-wearing, opera-loving, not-remotely-goth boy, it’s something of a statement (and no, this photo is not of Sam’s nails–he’s eleven, not thirty). Our lovely middle school principal stopped Sam and asked about his nails, looking at them closely and commenting about how skilled his manicurist must have been. Way to normalize it, my hero of a principal.

So that’s all the news that’s fit print. We’ll look forward to hearing what you think of the new website. As always, thanks for reading.