It’s Official: Jacob’s New Dress Has Been Released!

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So in all the excitement about Jacob’s New Dress coming into bookstores weeks in advance of its official March 1 release date, WE FORGOT THE MARCH 1 RELEASE DATE. So, um, YAY a few days late on the official release of Jacob’s New Dress!! We wanted to share some exciting news and ask for your help with promoting the book so we can share Jacob’s message of acceptance with the world.

Exciting news: This week we had a sweet review in Bay Windows, New England’s largest LGBT publication, and Kirkus wrote delightfully about Jacob and another book, Morris Michelwhite and the Tangerine Dress, which will be out in May. 

How you can help: Would you please help us spread the word about Jacob? Here are some things you can do…

 • If you’ve read and liked the book, please review it on Amazon.

• If you haven’t read Jacob’s New Dress, you can buy it here or at your local independent bookstore (local buy-it-now links coming soon to our about-to-be-unveiled new website)! 

• Stop in your local bookstores and ask them to stock it!

• Ask your local library to buy a copy!

• If you’re on Goodreads, please mark Jacob “want to read” or review it if you’ve read it.

 • Check out and comment on our reviews in Kirkus and Bay Windows!

• Tweet it! Facebook it! All-sorts-of-other-social-media it!

Thanks for all your support as we launch Jacob into the world. It is–and you are–truly invaluable to us.


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