Pink Boys: The Film

There’s a new film in the works that I think you may be interested in–and in which some of you may even want to participate.

Documentary filmmaker Eric Rockey, who teaches in the Documentary Studies program at The New School, is working on a film about gender-nonconforming boys and their parents. Eric is looking for families to participate in the film. If you’re interested, contact Eric at You can find more information–and “like” the film’s facebook page!–at

Eric came to me via Ruth Padawer, author of “What’s So Bad About a Boy Who Wants to Wear a Dress?“, the New York Times Magazine article about gender-nonconforming kids. Ruth has been fabulous at connecting those of us working toward gender equality for kids, and I love her for her activism, passion, and caring.

In more (old–my apologies) news, I hope you’ve had a chance to read “About a Boy,” the New Yorker article by Margaret Talbot about gender-nonconforming kids. My husband Ian and I think Margaret did a great job of exploring the range of people who have different gender expression, and we were honored to have been part of the article. We’re curious to know what you think. A portion of the article is online here. Unfortunately the part we’re in isn’t in the excerpt, but I will post the whole thing online if I can figure out how not to be a copyright infringer (your advice welcome).




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    I grew up as a “pink boy” in a non accepting family and I have to commend Eric Rockey for this project. There’s far too much hatred geared towards GNC boys and hopefully this raise a few questions and open more than a few eyes.

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