Toemageddon 2011

Yesterday 7,718 people painted their toenails pink to commend Jenna Lyons and J. Crew for celebrating pink boys (and to protest the brouhaha over their brave choice). How cool is that?

And today I was walking down the main street in our neighborhood and came across a guy with a cast on his leg–in hot pink. I told him I was going to write a blog post about Paint Your Nails Pink Day and Toemageddon 2011 (as Jon Stewart so fabulously called the brouhaha), and he said that the pink cast was his tribute to The Day. That? Is super cool.  (Plus, he let me photograph him, which makes him Cool Supreme.)

If you didn’t paint your nails in time for yesterday, paint ’em today. If you break your arm? My condolences…and get a pink cast. Smashed your car door? Paint the new one pink. And tell the world why you’re painting things pink: because you can. Because girls can wear blue jeans, and boys can wear pink tutus, and casts don’t have to be white. And because standing up for the right for everyone to be their own interesting selves is the coolest thing of all.





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