Boys Can Wear Pink Giveaway

Boys Can Wear Pink onesie

Please note: while comments on this post continue to be welcome, the giveaway is now over.

If you’ve become my facebook friend, you’ve seen that my facebook icon is an itty-bitty pink onesie with the phrase Boys Can Wear Pink. The awesome San Francisco artists Debbie Hartung and Krishna Bhat of Rock n Roll Babies were generous enough to share that image with me, and now they want to share with you, too. Debbie and Krishna are offering baby, toddler, or kid clothes to the three lucky winners of this giveaway.

When Sam was a baby, even before I knew he was going to turn out pink, I was disappointed with the clothing options I found for him. So much of boys’ clothing was in aggressively-patterned camouflage or covered in trucks, dinosaurs, or sharks. Many parents I talk to lament that they are frustrated with the options for dressing their boys. When I heard about the Boys Can Wear Pink line a few years ago, I bought t-shirts for Sam and all the pink boys I knew. (And I also bought the Mom Tattoo shirt for both my kids, because what mom could resist that?)Mom Tattoo Onesie

I love Rock n Roll Babies—and not just because they’re subverting the dominant paradigm, one pink shirt at a time. I love them because all their clothes are vibrant and edgy and organic and fair-trade certified. And because they donate 10% of their profits to children’s charities around the world. AND because they send used Rock n Roll Babies clothes to a local shelter—that’s recycling, generosity, and helping people in need all at once. What’s not to love?

Onesies are available for 3-24 month olds, and t-shirts and super-cute hoodies are available for 2-6 year olds. Visit the Rock n Roll Babies catalog and pick up treats for all the kids on your holiday list.

To enter to win one of these items, you’ll need to leave a comment at the end of this post. The winners (there will be three!) will be randomly selected and notified by email—so please either friend me on facebook or include your email address in your comment so I will be able to find you if you win. Please also specify whether you’d like a Boys Can Wear Pink t-shirt, a Boys Can Wear Pink onesie, a Mom Tattoo t-shirt, or a Mom Tattoo onesie, should you get lucky.



  1. John B says

    OMGZ! The “Mom” tattoo onesies are freaking adoreable! My little androgenous pudge-ball would rock that thing so hard!

  2. Alix Bowman says

    Love it. My son is due any day now, and his drawers are overwhelming filled with aggressively blue hand me downs. The mom tattoo t-shirt would be perfect. xilabow at gmail dot com

    • Renee says

      And I would love to gift the Boys Can Wear Pink onesie to my friends who know they are expecting a male-bodied child and posted in their blog: “Our boy will be encouraged to dance, to wear pink, and don an apron to bake cookies.”

  3. says

    I am in for the Boys Can Wear Pink t-shirt, I wish there was one for adults to wear too. My son will LOVE the tee and I will probably have to buy several more since he will wear it until it is a half shirt with a ‘fringe’ from wear. Thanks!

  4. Laurie says

    Subverting the dominant paradigm? Count me in! I have a little nephew/niece arriving soon in Switzerland. And I don’t think he/she should remain neutral on the topic of inclusion. Keep spreading the love.

  5. says

    Adorable! I have been looking for a cute gift for a friend of mine who just had her first baby boy – actually she is my son’s OT and has been for the last 5+ years (and has seen all of my boys!).

    I totally want the MOM tatoo one. Too cute. :)

    Thanks Sarah!

    • shoffman says

      I know, they are awesome. I love the idea of giving your OT’s little boy one of these as a gift.

      Just a warning–these shirts run small, so a 6 is more for a 4 or 5 year old, unless they’re a little 6.

  6. Annika says

    I second the desire for a grown-up version of the ‘boys can wear pink’ shirt – although I’d love a T-shirt for my own pink boy… I’d also *love* it if someone started selling ‘boy’ clothes (ie, trains, etc.) ON pink…. we always joke we just need to start making & selling own!

    • shoffman says

      That’s a great idea–in fact I think all of Rock n Roll Babies clothes would be awesome in adult sizes. I’ll pass on the suggestion!

  7. lauren says

    I would love for my little guy to wear the pink shirt!! Why should boys be stuck with blue when girls can wear anything? Besides, my MIL would hate it, and I love to ruffle her closed-minded feathers.

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